Color Bulldog Club of America

The CBCA Official Club for Purebred Bulldog Breeds of Rare Color


The world of conformation dog showing is fun, exciting, competitive and at times, nerve racking. Not to worry. No matter if you're new to conformation shows or a veteran getting back in the ring, the CBCA can help you through any show process and help guide you down a path to success.

The first question many ask, "Can my colored bulldog be shown?". The answer is YES! The American Bully Kennel Club (or ABKC) has events throughout the nation that allow the Bulldog of any color into the show ring. Here at the CBCA we keep open communication with the ABKC to keep all members up-to-date with all events, procedures, and breed standards. As a CBCA member you will have access to our elite team to tap into the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.