Color Bulldog Club of America

The CBCA Official Club for Purebred Bulldog Breeds of Rare Color


Anyone who loves Bulldogs/English Bulldogs of ALL Colors, 18 years of age and older, adheres to our Code of Ethics, in good standing with the AKC/ABKC is eligible for CBCA Membership. Become a new Member and enjoy all club privileges!

Members have the right to:
*Vote and hold office.
*Purchase CBCA Merchandise directly from our site.
*Have your Kennel name and email listed on The CBCA’s Breeder Referral Page.
*Use the CBCA Logo on their website, Face Book Page, etc. showing they are a Member in good standing.
*Have your ideas or requests for change, via petition with only 5 members signatures considered by the National Board for Voting by the Club.
*Receive quarterly copies of any Club publications, news, changes, etc via email. 
*Receive login information in order to access member pages so you can vote in CBCA elections, have access to the Club Offices, etc.

Membership types:

*Regular (Individual): Enjoys all club privileges including the right to vote and hold office. $30 annually.
*Foreign: for those individuals who are not U.S. residents (or its territories and possessions). Shall be entitled to all club privileges except voting and office holding. $50 per year.

Login is required prior to submitting your membership application online.