Color Bulldog Club of America

The CBCA Official Club for Registered Bulldog's of Rare Color

CBCA Officers and Structure

Elected Officers

Lynette Spaley - CBCA President

Lynette Spaley

Hello Everyone. My name is Lynette Spaley, proud Owner and Creator of HarleyBulls Rare and Standard Color English Bulldogs, and this year's President of the CBCA. My journey with English Bulldogs began just three years ago. After 20 years of ...

Amanda Walker - CBCA Vice President

Amanda Walker
Vice President

Hi my name is Amanda Walker and I want to thank you for electing me to be your 2018 CBCA Vice President. I’ve been in the show ring since I bought my first American bully in 2013 I’ve since produced many titled dogs and have trained ...

George McNeil - CBCA Treasurer & Secretary

George McNeil
Treasurer & Secretary

Results-oriented, dynamic, and accomplished professional, offering comprehensive experience in managing all aspects of business operations. Knowledgeable of approaches and strategies for business growth, program management, project management, ...

Patrick Volpe - CBCA Events Chair

Patrick Volpe
Events Chair

My name is Patrick Volpe and I'm located in Maryland. Currently I am the owner and founder of Jammed Packed Events, an active ABKC Judge, show host, owner of Anchor Awards a trophy and awards shop, active show handler, competitor, and CBCA ...

Bill Huber - CBCA Webmaster

Bill Huber

My name is Bill Huber and I am the CEO of Xtreme360, LLC. and we are a Buffalo, NY based web design and development company.

I also co-own Hubs Pups along with my wife Melissa, we are home to and a ...

Non-Elected Officers

Alesia Dixon - CBCA Managing Director/Founder

Alesia Dixon - Managing Director/Founder

Many of you already know me, but for those who don’t here is a little about me.

I have been breeding canines in the Rare Colors of Lilac, Blue, & Chocolate since 1972, and have those same years of education in color genetics ...

CBCA Divisions 1-8

Each Division will have its own offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer. The Division will also have several Committees under the Officers as needed to run the club smoothly. These committees will consist of some or all of the following: Events Coordinator, Membership, Editor (newsletter), Education, Health, Breeder Referral, Rescue, Planning. Each of these Committees can have more than one Officer. Committee Positions are appointed by majority vote of the Division Officers.